Fat Trel Arrested After Traffic Stop

Fat Trel Arrested After Traffic Stop

Fat Trel Arrested After Traffic Stop

Fat Trel Arrested After Traffic Stop:  In early April, 2016 Rapper Fat Trel of Washington, D.C. was stopped for speeding in Arlington, Virginia. The police contact with Fat Trel lead to a DUI Investigation.  Once arrested on suspicion of DUI, Fat Trel was found to be in the possession of a significant amount of narcotics.  The narcotics lead to a charge of possession with intent to distribute.  Fat Trel was also driving suspended which lead to still another charge.  Fat Trel may have violated the terms of his bond in a pending case in Maryland for attempting to pass counterfeit money at a Maryland Casino.

Fat Trel Arrested After Traffic Stop: Fat Trel probably did not understand his constitutional rights against self-incrimination during the DUI Investigation.  The U.S. Constitution gives us the right to merely ask for a Lawyer and not respond to questions posed in the DUI Investigation.  We are also entitled to decline to participate in the roadside gymnastics like the walk and turn and the one leg stand.  We can also decline the eye test.  The only test that one is required to do in Virginia is to submit to the breath test at the station or a blood draw under the Implied Consent statute.  You can find a FREE APP HERE that will remind you and the Officer of your rights in a traffic stop.

Fat Trel Arrested After Traffic Stop:  Martrel Reeves is his birth name.  He is also know as Fat Trel aka the Fat Fool aka the leader of the Slutty Boyz.  The W tattooed under his right eye is for Washington where he grew up.  Trel made the journey from selling Rap CDS from the trunk of a car to working with Wale.  In 2011 Fat Trel was the hottest rapper in the DMV.  That makes sense as Fat Trel’s mission statement is representing “the real D.C.”  In 2010 Fat Trel launched his breakout tap No Secrets.

If you have a traffic charge in Virginia, contact Bob Keefer’s office immediately.  His office will arrange a FREE CASE REVIEW for you with Bob by telephone.  The calls are free and completely confidential.  Bob’s office number, 540.433.6906, is answered 24/7 and his email is info@BobKeefer.com.


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