Chief Keef Arrest Warrant for Driving Suspended

Chief Keef Arrest Warrant for Driving Suspended:  If you have been charged with Harrisonburg reckless driving, DUI, driving suspended or any other traffic offense, contact Keefer Law Firm right now.  You can email or call 540.433.6906, our number that is answered 24/7 all year round.  The Keefer Law Firm staff will schedule a Free Telephone Consultation with Bob Keefer.  Attorney Keefer has been a lawyer for over 30 years helping people with problems like yours.  The consultation is both confidential and privileged.  You can see some of Bob’s reviews from Clients HERE.

Chief Keef Arrest Warrant for Driving Suspended:  In September of 2017 Chief Keef was part of a minor traffic accident in Hollywood, California.  Upon running Chief Keef’s driver’s license it was discovered that his license was either suspended or revoked.  Due to the seriousness of driving suspended, Chief Keef was ordered to appear in Court in early December.  Chief Keef failed to appear and has now had an arrest warrant issued.  Chief Keef has a history of failing to make court appearances.

Chief Keef Arrest Warrant for Driving Suspended: Chief Keef is the stage name for Keith Farrelle Cozart who is a Chicago based rapper and music producer.  Chief Keef spent much of his high school years producing music videos while under house arrest.  Chief Keef developed such a following that several record labels engaged in a bidding war to sign him.  Chief signed with a couple of labels before starting his own label.  Chief Keef debut album Finally Rich was a great hit and fronted singles such as I Don’t Like and Love Sosa.  Chief Keef has continued releasing mix tapes and albums.

It is always a mistake to miss one’s mandatory court appearances.  The Court is left with little choice but to command your presence or issue an arrest warrant.  Chief Keef can afford the legal counsel to hopefully avoid jail for contempt.





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