Derek Fisher Clocked Speeding

Derek Fisher Clocked Speeding

Derek Fisher Clocked Speeding

Derek Fisher Clocked Speeding:  Derek Lamar Fisher is presently a Basketball Coach and is a former NBA player.  Fisher was formerly the head coach for the NBA New York KnicksFisher was a professional basketball player for eighteen seasons, mostly with the Los Angeles Lakers where he was on five NBA Championship Teams.  Fisher also was elected President of the National Basketball Players Association.

Derek Fisher Clocked Speeding: During his college career, Fisher played for the Arkansas Little Rock Trojans and was selected as the Sun Belt Conference Player of the Year for 1996.  Fisher was chosen by the Lakers in the 1996 NBA draft.  Fisher spent his first eight seasons with the Lakers playing with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal and coached by Phil Jackson.  After the end of the 2003-2004 season Fisher joined the Golden State Warriors before being traded to the Utah Jazz.  In 2007 Fisher rejoined the Lakers where he helped earn two more NBA Championships.  In 2012 Fisher was traded to the Houston Rockets before joining the Oklahoma City Thunder.  In 2015 Fisher left basketball as a player and was hired at Knick head coach by Phil Jackson, the team President. 

Derek Fisher Clocked Speeding:  Fisher hold the NBA record for number of playoff games played.  In game 5 of the 2004 Western Conference Semifinals Fisher hit the winning basket with 0.4 seconds left.  Thus beating the San Antonio Spurs.  The NBA lists that as the 18th greatest playoff play in history.  In early May, 2016, Fisher was stopped on the 405 Freeway for doing 80 couple miles per hour in a 65 mph zone.  Even Five time world champions get speeding tickets.

If you get a speeding ticket or other traffic charge in Harrisonburg, Virginia, contact Bob Keefer immediately at 540.433.6906 or at  Bob has over 30 years experience helping people with traffic charges.  The consultation is Free and entirely confidential.








Lawyer for Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Charge

Lawyer for Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Charge

Lawyer for Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Charge

When you need a Lawyer for Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Charge, contact Bob’s office right away at 540.433.6906 or  You want to set up a FREE CASE EVALUATION by telephone with Bob to discuss your options.  Look here for Bob’s CLIENT REVIEWS.  Please look here for Bob’s Book on Reckless Driving in Virginia:  THE SHOCKING TRUTH.

Lawyer for Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Charge:  Many people get charged with Traffic Offenses.  On July 27, 2015, Jack Trudeau was charged with DWI in Indiana.  Jack Trudeau was formerly quarterback for the NFL Indianapolis Colts.

Lawyer for Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Charge:  When all was said and done, Trudeau ended up in the Boone County Jail facing a felony intimidation of a law enforcement officer, drunk in public, DUI endangering another, DUI, open container, disregarding a police office and failure to obey signal.  The Police Report indicates that Trudeau was stopped at approximately 10:00 p.m. near U.S. 421.  Trudeau was arrested in 2007 for contributing to the delinquency of a minor in relation to a high school graduation party for his daughter.  Trudeau was chosen in the second round of the 1986 NFL Draft and is 53 years of age.

This author is always concerned when a former football player makes the news for aberrant behavior in light of the new information about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).  CTE is a degenerative disorder found in persons who have suffered multiple brain injuries like concussions.  Because the condition is common in boxers, CTE used to be described as dementia pugilistica.  CTE is prevalent in athletes in contact sports such as football, ice hockey and professional wrestling.  Persons suffering from CTE usually exhibit memory loss, aggression, confusion and depression.  CTE is very similar to dementia in younger people.  Soldiers are also subject to CTE due to explosions causing concussive injury.  A blast injury can cause CTE in a single event while in contact sports CTE usually requires repetitive injury.  A number of well known people may suffer or have suffered from CTE:  Junior Seau, Tony Dorsett, Brett Favre, Bernie Kosar, Jim McMahon, Art Monk, and John Mackey.  





Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyers

Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyers

Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyers

When choosing among Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyers, contact Bob first.  Bob has over 30 Years Experience helping people with legal problems.  You can set up your FREE CALL right now by calling 540.433.6906, our number answered 24/7 or by emailing  The call is free and entirely confidential.  Get the benefit of Bob’s more than three decades of experience.

Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyers: In the summer of 2015, Nick Diaz picked up a number of serious traffic charges including two DWIs. Diaz is a UFC fighter who has done very well in the UFCDiaz picked up his two DWIs in Lodi, California.  Diaz was able to work out a very good plea agreement.  Essentially, he entered a guilty plea to the first DWI and the second was dismissed along with several other associated traffic charges.  Diaz will have to pull a few of incarceration because his first DWI conviction was for a Blood Alcohol Content above the mandatory incarceration range.  Diaz also picked up three years of probation and a mandatory alcohol education class as well as a suspended license.

Diaz should have had Bob’s FREE APP for dealing with the Police.  Using the App, Diaz would have refused to discuss his situation by politely asking for a lawyer.  He would not have given the officer his drinking history, if any, or the location of any such drinking.  Diaz would not have provided a time line to help the prosecution if such time line was necessary.

Diaz would have refused the standardized field sobriety tests which are voluntary.  Without the field tests, it would have been much harder to establish probable cause to arrest Diaz for DWI either time.

Diaz would have refused the preliminary breath test which is a search and is also voluntary.  Diaz would have submitted to the evidential blood or breath but he would have made it clear that such submission was involuntary but occurring due to threat, coercion and duress.  #harrisonburgrecklessdrivinglawyers



Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyers

Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyers

Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

When you need the best Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer call Bob Keefer at 540.433.6906.  Bob has more than 30  years experience helping people like you with reckless driving charges. #harrisonburgrecklessdrivinglawyer

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Not hiring a Lawyer for your Harrisonburg Reckless Driving charge may be a very expensive choice.  Over the years many people have explained that an acquaintance told them to appear in court by themselves, enter a guilty plea and then ask for a reduction.  Most of those people ended up with a conviction for reckless driving.  With a good lawyer, a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer, such cases are usually reduced or continued to be reduced upon completion of certain tasks and good behavior.  Most people representing themselves in court do poorly because they do not understand how court works.

Most Judges believe their mandate from the Virginia Legislature is to be a referee, not an advocated for those charged.  If the Government’s evidence showed that you were exceeding 80 miles per hour or were traveling 20 or more miles per hour over the speed limit, you will be convicted as charged.  You need to hire a good lawyer to enhance your chances of a reduction or dismissal.

Someone convicted of a Virginia reckless driving charge ends up with the following:

1. A permanent criminal record;
2. Fines and costs;
3. Increased insurance—approximately $3,000 over three years and if the Judge suspends your license the insurance consequences are greater;
4. 6 points on a Virginia Driving Record and transferable to his or her home state driver’s license if not a Virginia license holder;
5. Loss of one or two days of work; and,
6. Loss of job or potential job due to criminal record — possibly tens of thousands of dollars.

As you can see, traffic charges can significantly alter one’s life.  On June 11, 2015, Isaiah Battle, who played left tackle for Clemson was stopped for speeding. During that traffic stop, the officer located the contraband.  Now Battle has announced that he is going to give up his college eligibility and enter the NFL supplemental draft.  Battle indicated that this decision was based on family reasons.  Family reasons propelled by the marijuana possession charge from the traffic stop probably.

Clemson LT Isaiah Battle was reportedly pulled over on June 11 for marijuana possession.

From Tiger Illustrated:

Extenuating circumstances are required for players to enter the supplemental draft with eligibility remaining, and that probably explains why Clemson’s official release quoted him as saying having a child on the way influenced his decision. But don’t think that his departure from Clemson was his decision only.  He’d reached his last straw, and he used it.

According to Clemson Insider, who obtained a copy of the police report, Battle was pulled over after driving at a high rate of speed.

Battled was issued two citations for speeding and no proof of insurance. The officer then asked Battle about the marijuana smell coming from the vehicle and according to the incident report, “Battle stated there was no marijuana inside the vehicle and stated I could search it.”

During the search, the officer pulled out an orange and white tennis shoe, and upon grabbing the shoe’s toe he discovered there was something hard in it. He located a silver grinder inside the toe area. At that point, he again asked Battle if there was anything else inside the vehicle. Battle walked up and retrieved a black box from the console. Inside the box were three separate clear baggies with green plant material believed to be marijuana.

Battle made a terrible mistake granting permission to search his car.  The Officer probably said if you do not have any illegal drugs in your car, you will not mind if I search?  Law enforcement tries to confuse you into believing that denying a search is confessing to possessing contraband.  Actually, it is not a confession.  Handing the contraband to the Officer demonstrates dominion and control over the contraband, helping the prosecution immensely. You should always tell the Officer I do not consent to vehicle searches.

Battle had been in the lead for the starting left tackle job.  Battle started all but one game during the 2014 season.

Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer