Hit & Run by Janet Jackson’s Ex-Husband

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Top Harrisonburg reckless driving help: On April 24, 2017, James DeBarge, former husband of entertainer Janet Jackson, allegedly committed hit and run in Los Angeles.  According to police, DeBarge drove across several lanes of traffic in his Mercedes station wagon before crashing into a Chevy Volt.  James then left the scene; however, the crash was recorded on the dash camera in the Chevy Volt.

Top Harrisonburg reckless driving help: James Curtis DeBarge was born in August, 1963, and is a rhythm and blues and soul singer.  He grew up in a singing family DeBarge.  His family had several popular songs: All This Love, Love Me in a Special Way, Rhythm of the Night and Who’s Holding Donna Now.  As an adult, DeBarge has worked on Tha Divorce Song, Get Nekkid, and Nothing’s Wrong.  DeBarge has worked with DJ Quik, Won-G, J-Ro and Tha Liks.  He has toured with Atlantic Starr, The SOS Band and Mary Jane Girls.

Top Harrisonburg reckless driving help: DeBarge was married to Janet Jackson in 1984.  His marriage to Jackson was annulled in 1985.  In 2012 DeBarge received active prison time for assault with a deadly weapon and for drug charges.  DeBarge got out of prison in 2015.  DeBarge may be in serious trouble with this felony record and a hit and run.  Law Enforcement will probably be charging him with felony hit and run due to the amount of damages to the occupied motor vehicle he struck.  If he is smart he will let his lawyer talk for him and when asked by law enforcement he should say: “I want a Lawyer. If I am not under arrest, please let me go.”






Toronto Mayor Ford Avoids DWI

Toronto Mayor Ford Avoids DWI

Toronto Mayor Ford Avoids DWI

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Toronto Mayor Ford Avoids DWI: Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in the news again as part of Mark Towhey’s tell all book.  Towhey was Ford’s Chief of Staff.  Mayor Rob Ford: Uncontrollable — How I Tried to Help the World’s Most Notorious Mayor will be available to the general public around the end of October, 2015.  In the book we learn that Toronto police often stopped Mayor Ford for drunk driving and then simply gave him a ride home.  We also learn that Towhey started an office policy that no one was to ride with Mayor Ford when Ford was driving.  This policy came on the heels of a staffer’s report that while riding with Ford, Ford downed an entire 12 ounce bottle of vodka in one gulp.  The staffer wisely exited the vehicle and found other, safer transportation.  Towhey admits that he did not inform Toronto police of the Mayor’s drunk driving.  Towhey defends that decision by noting that Toronto Police already knew about Ford’s serial drunk driving and took no steps to arrest Ford.

Toronto Mayor Ford Avoids DWI: It appears that the Toronto police deny giving Mayor Ford special treatment as he drove drunk almost every day through Toronto streets.  Mayor Ford consistently denied claims of his substance abuse until videos were discovered documenting such drug and alcohol abuse.  Ford then entered rehab toward the end of his four year stint as Mayor.  As Towhey notes the work of the staffers ceased being about doing the work of Toronto government and all about keeping Ford alive. #TorontoMayorFordAvoidsDWI