Derek Fisher Clocked Speeding

Derek Fisher Clocked Speeding

Derek Fisher Clocked Speeding

Derek Fisher Clocked Speeding:  Derek Lamar Fisher is presently a Basketball Coach and is a former NBA player.  Fisher was formerly the head coach for the NBA New York KnicksFisher was a professional basketball player for eighteen seasons, mostly with the Los Angeles Lakers where he was on five NBA Championship Teams.  Fisher also was elected President of the National Basketball Players Association.

Derek Fisher Clocked Speeding: During his college career, Fisher played for the Arkansas Little Rock Trojans and was selected as the Sun Belt Conference Player of the Year for 1996.  Fisher was chosen by the Lakers in the 1996 NBA draft.  Fisher spent his first eight seasons with the Lakers playing with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal and coached by Phil Jackson.  After the end of the 2003-2004 season Fisher joined the Golden State Warriors before being traded to the Utah Jazz.  In 2007 Fisher rejoined the Lakers where he helped earn two more NBA Championships.  In 2012 Fisher was traded to the Houston Rockets before joining the Oklahoma City Thunder.  In 2015 Fisher left basketball as a player and was hired at Knick head coach by Phil Jackson, the team President. 

Derek Fisher Clocked Speeding:  Fisher hold the NBA record for number of playoff games played.  In game 5 of the 2004 Western Conference Semifinals Fisher hit the winning basket with 0.4 seconds left.  Thus beating the San Antonio Spurs.  The NBA lists that as the 18th greatest playoff play in history.  In early May, 2016, Fisher was stopped on the 405 Freeway for doing 80 couple miles per hour in a 65 mph zone.  Even Five time world champions get speeding tickets.

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Fat Trel Arrested After Traffic Stop

Fat Trel Arrested After Traffic Stop

Fat Trel Arrested After Traffic Stop

Fat Trel Arrested After Traffic Stop:  In early April, 2016 Rapper Fat Trel of Washington, D.C. was stopped for speeding in Arlington, Virginia. The police contact with Fat Trel lead to a DUI Investigation.  Once arrested on suspicion of DUI, Fat Trel was found to be in the possession of a significant amount of narcotics.  The narcotics lead to a charge of possession with intent to distribute.  Fat Trel was also driving suspended which lead to still another charge.  Fat Trel may have violated the terms of his bond in a pending case in Maryland for attempting to pass counterfeit money at a Maryland Casino.

Fat Trel Arrested After Traffic Stop: Fat Trel probably did not understand his constitutional rights against self-incrimination during the DUI Investigation.  The U.S. Constitution gives us the right to merely ask for a Lawyer and not respond to questions posed in the DUI Investigation.  We are also entitled to decline to participate in the roadside gymnastics like the walk and turn and the one leg stand.  We can also decline the eye test.  The only test that one is required to do in Virginia is to submit to the breath test at the station or a blood draw under the Implied Consent statute.  You can find a FREE APP HERE that will remind you and the Officer of your rights in a traffic stop.

Fat Trel Arrested After Traffic Stop:  Martrel Reeves is his birth name.  He is also know as Fat Trel aka the Fat Fool aka the leader of the Slutty Boyz.  The W tattooed under his right eye is for Washington where he grew up.  Trel made the journey from selling Rap CDS from the trunk of a car to working with Wale.  In 2011 Fat Trel was the hottest rapper in the DMV.  That makes sense as Fat Trel’s mission statement is representing “the real D.C.”  In 2010 Fat Trel launched his breakout tap No Secrets.

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Son of Arkansas Governor Arrested For DWI

Marshall Coach Duhon Charged with DWI

Son of Arkansas Governor Arrested For DWI

Son of Arkansas Governor Arrested For DWI:  William Asa Hutchinson, III is the 40 year old son of Asa Hutchinson, the Governor of Arkansas.  On January 24, 2016, Hutchinson III was involved in a single motor vehicle crash.  According to Arkansas State Police, he reported falling asleep while driving at 4:00 a.m.  At some point,  Hutchinson III’s vehicle slammed into the guardrail at the Interstate 49 southbound exit ramp onto the Fulbright Expressway.  Police reported that Hutchinson III was confused about his direction of travel prior to the motor vehicle accident.  Police did not report how they determined that Hutchinson III’s confusion was due to a concussion received in the high speed crash to the guardrail.  #SonOfArkansasGovernorArrestedForDWI

Son of Arkansas Governor Arrested For DWI:  The state police indicated that a firefighter summonsed to the crash site reported smelling an alcoholic beverage odor in Hutchinson III’s vehicle.  The state police then noticed such odor on Hutchinson’s breath while speaking with him.  The police report indicates that Hutchinson’s eyes were blood shot and watery and he had slurred speech.  The Police did not indicate how they determined that watery eyes were caused by a blood alcohol level over the legal limit.  The police did not explain how they determined that the blood shot eyes were not the product of the late hour, allergies or some other environmental factor.

Son of Arkansas Governor Arrested For DWI:  The police apparently attempted to administer the horizontal gaze nystagmus test to Hutchinson III.  The HGN test is hard to administer properly and there is significant evidence that HGN clues are often present in persons with no Blood Alcohol content and well as persons with low Blood Alcohol Contents.  Hutchinson III was charged with DWI, careless driving and refusal to undergo the evidential breath test.  His court date in the Fayetteville District Court is set for February 22, 2016. #SonOfArkansasGovernorArrestedForDWI

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Marshall Coach Duhon Charged with DWI

Marshall Coach Duhon Charged with DWI

Marshall Coach Duhon Charged with DWI

Marshall Coach Duhon Charged with DWI: On November 30, 2015 Deputies from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office found Chris Duhon unconscious in his Ford Escape.  Duhon was a second round draft pick in the NBA and was a star point guard for Coach K at Duke.  Duhon helped win a National Championship for Duke during his tenure there.  Duhon is an assistant basketball coach at Marshall University and has been since 2014.

Marshall Coach Duhon Charged with DWI: Duhon was aroused from his slumber by the Deputies who insistently urged him to attempt roadside gymnastics called the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.  According to law enforcement, Duhon failed two field sobriety tests and was arrested for DWI.  Of course, if you read the Standardized Field Sobriety Test manuals, the tests are not pass/fail.  Instead, they provide a probability of a blood alcohol content over or under the legal limit, 0.08 grams/210 liters of breath.  Law Enforcement attempts to turn them into impairment tests and also into failures.  These positions are not supported by the science.  Duhon also had red eyes and slurred speech.  #MarshallCoachDuhonChargedWithDWI

Marshall Coach Duhon Charged with DWI: Duhon was eventually given the choice of blowing into the evidential breath tester, the EC/IR II.  Duhon alleged blew a .202 grams per 210 liters of breath according to the media.  I suspect that his not correct, since the evidential breath tester is usually rounded down to two digits.  The preliminary breath testers or PBTs are usually described in three digits.

Marshall Coach Duhon Charged with DWI: Marshall University has suspended Duhon now before his trial assuming that since he was charged he must be guilty.  This disregard for actual proof of guilt is rampant in our society.  To be charged, for many, is the same as being found guilty.  That is not consistent with the American Criminal Justice system dictates.  #MarshallCoachDuhonChargedWithDWI

Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI

Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI

Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI

Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI:  If you have been charged with a traffic ticket in Virginia do yourself a favor and call Bob Keefer’s office.  Bob’s staff will schedule a FREE CALL with Bob to discuss your options.  Bob has over 30 years experience and will share the knowledge he has gained over that 30 years plus with you.  You can also see some of Bob’s CLIENT REVIEWS here.

Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI:  In late October, J.T. Barrett was charged with Ohio’s version of DWI called OWI.  Barrett was stopped by police when he attempted to avoid a roadblock that police had set up to catch Ohio State students returning to campus.  These roadblocks have very specific requirements in notice, signage and how they treat persons stopped by the roadblock.  The reason for this specificity is that roadblocks are not consistent with the 4th Amendment.

Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI:  Barrett picked a poor time to drink and drive as he is 20 years old and cannot legally drink in the United States.  The drinking age was manipulated by the Federal Government with legislation cutting off highway funding to states who did not adopt the 21 year drinking age.  Barrett apparently did not know that he could refuse to talk to the police by politely stating “I want a Lawyer.  If I am not under arrest, please let me know.”  Barrett also did not realize that he could legally refuse the preliminary breath test device given at roadside.  Barrett also failed to realize that he could decline to perform the roadside gymnastics that are designed to generate probable cause to arrest.

Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI: Urban Meyers picked Barrett to be starting quarterback in the last game against RutgersBarrett had an outstanding game with three touchdowns.  Because of his arrest, Barrett has been suspended for one game.  He will be eligible thereafter if Coach Meyers chooses to call upon him.

Toronto Mayor Ford Avoids DWI

Toronto Mayor Ford Avoids DWI

Toronto Mayor Ford Avoids DWI

Toronto Mayor Ford Avoids DWI:  If you have been charged with DWI in Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Woodstock, Shenandoah County, Staunton, Waynesboro, Augusta County, Luray, Page County or elsewhere in Virginia, call Bob’s office immediately to schedule a FREE CASE REVIEW.  The case review is a free call with Bob and is entirely confidential and privileged.  Bob has over 30 years experience as a Lawyer in Virginia and will share his thoughts with you on your case.  You can see Bob’s CLIENT REVIEWS HERE.

Toronto Mayor Ford Avoids DWI: Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in the news again as part of Mark Towhey’s tell all book.  Towhey was Ford’s Chief of Staff.  Mayor Rob Ford: Uncontrollable — How I Tried to Help the World’s Most Notorious Mayor will be available to the general public around the end of October, 2015.  In the book we learn that Toronto police often stopped Mayor Ford for drunk driving and then simply gave him a ride home.  We also learn that Towhey started an office policy that no one was to ride with Mayor Ford when Ford was driving.  This policy came on the heels of a staffer’s report that while riding with Ford, Ford downed an entire 12 ounce bottle of vodka in one gulp.  The staffer wisely exited the vehicle and found other, safer transportation.  Towhey admits that he did not inform Toronto police of the Mayor’s drunk driving.  Towhey defends that decision by noting that Toronto Police already knew about Ford’s serial drunk driving and took no steps to arrest Ford.

Toronto Mayor Ford Avoids DWI: It appears that the Toronto police deny giving Mayor Ford special treatment as he drove drunk almost every day through Toronto streets.  Mayor Ford consistently denied claims of his substance abuse until videos were discovered documenting such drug and alcohol abuse.  Ford then entered rehab toward the end of his four year stint as Mayor.  As Towhey notes the work of the staffers ceased being about doing the work of Toronto government and all about keeping Ford alive. #TorontoMayorFordAvoidsDWI








Seahawk Derrick Coleman Arrested for reckless driving

Seahawk Derrick Coleman Arrested for reckless driving

Seahawk Derrick Coleman Arrested for reckless driving

Seahawk Derrick Coleman Arrested for reckless driving: Derrick Lamont Coleman is 25 years old and plays fullback for the NFL Seattle Seahawks.  Coleman entered the league in 2012 as as an undrafted free agent with the Minnesota Vikings.  Coleman played his college ball at UCLA.  Coleman, who lost his hearing at age three,  is also the first deaf offensive player in the National Football League.

Seahawk Derrick Coleman Arrested for reckless driving: After being released by Minnesota, Coleman was signed by the Seattle Seahawks. Coleman played well for Seattle and was part of the Super Bowl XLVIII winning team.  On October 15, 2015 Coleman was suspended by the Seahawks for his involvement in an alleged hit and run.  According to Washington State law enforcement Coleman was involved in a potential reckless driving accident and then walked or ran away from the crash site.  Since there were serious injuries to persons involved, Coleman is facing a possible felony hit and run charge.  It has been suggested that Coleman fell asleep at the wheel.  Coleman denies that drugs or alcohol played any part in his collision. One suggestion that has not been made is that Coleman may have suffered a concussion in the collision.  Since Coleman is a football player he has certainly suffered concussions before.  The recent discovery of CTE in football players makes it very likely that any concussion would have a serious effect on Coleman’s ability to rationally deal with the aftermath of a motor vehicle crash.

Seahawk Derrick Coleman Arrested for reckless driving:  In January of 2014 Coleman starred in a Duracell commercial that well received.  That commercial inspired deaf twins Riley and Erin Kovalcik to write Coleman.  Coleman eventually invited the Kovalcik family to attend the Super Bowl on February 2, 2014.  Coleman is not only deaf; he is also a Christian.  Coleman has been quoted as saying “I always say that God blessed me this morning and I can do what I do.”  #SeahawkDerrickColemanArrestedforrecklessdriving

If you have been charged with reckless driving, hit and run or some other traffic offense in Rockingham County, Virginia or anywhere else in Virginia, contact Bob immediately to arrange a FREE CASE REVIEW.  The call with Bob is free and entirely confidential.  You can schedule this call online, at 540.433.6906 or at #SeahawkDerrickColemanArrestedforrecklessdriving