Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI

Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI

Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI

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Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI:  In late October, J.T. Barrett was charged with Ohio’s version of DWI called OWI.  Barrett was stopped by police when he attempted to avoid a roadblock that police had set up to catch Ohio State students returning to campus.  These roadblocks have very specific requirements in notice, signage and how they treat persons stopped by the roadblock.  The reason for this specificity is that roadblocks are not consistent with the 4th Amendment.

Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI:  Barrett picked a poor time to drink and drive as he is 20 years old and cannot legally drink in the United States.  The drinking age was manipulated by the Federal Government with legislation cutting off highway funding to states who did not adopt the 21 year drinking age.  Barrett apparently did not know that he could refuse to talk to the police by politely stating “I want a Lawyer.  If I am not under arrest, please let me know.”  Barrett also did not realize that he could legally refuse the preliminary breath test device given at roadside.  Barrett also failed to realize that he could decline to perform the roadside gymnastics that are designed to generate probable cause to arrest.

Ohio State J.T. Barrett charged with DUI: Urban Meyers picked Barrett to be starting quarterback in the last game against RutgersBarrett had an outstanding game with three touchdowns.  Because of his arrest, Barrett has been suspended for one game.  He will be eligible thereafter if Coach Meyers chooses to call upon him.